Auction #277-1

Land For Sale in Stony Point, NY

±18-Acre Parcel of Land - Stony Point, NY

31 Lowland Hill Road
Stony Point, NY 10980
Rockland County View Map
Lot Size: ±18 acres
Bidding Format: Sealed Bid



Nestled between the majestic Hudson River and the mountains of Harriman State Park, only 25 miles north of New York City, Stony Point is a town rich in the history of the early establishment of America. The unique landscape proved to be a pivotal location and played a key role in our nation’s Independence.

Stony Point Battlefield State Historic Site is located on a knobby promontory projecting into the Hudson River in the town of Stony Point, NY, just a few minutes up the road from the subject property. It is the only preserved Revolutionary War battlefield in the lower Hudson -- the site of a successful midnight assault led by Brigadier General "Mad" Anthony Wayne against a better equipped British Garrison in July, 1779. This historic victory is often viewed as a turning point in the Revolutionary War. The battlefield is now home to a museum and park where Revolutionary reenactments take place every year. The site also hosts the oldest lighthouse in the Hudson Valley. The lighthouse, built in 1826, has been recently restored and relighted (1995). The Battlefield is open from April 15 through October 31. Tours of the lighthouse are available.

In addition to its important role in the Revolutionary War, Stony Point has long been a rural haven for city dwellers. Bear Mountain Inn and Zoo are major attractions and the scenic surroundings offer a natural getaway close to New York City for those who enjoy a peaceful excursion from the busy city life.

This online auction event is for a ±18-acre land parcel located at 31 Lowland Hill Road in Stony Point, New York.

  • Access to Hudson River
  • Wetlands mitigation credits available
  • Close to railway access
  • Zoning: R-1 (Residential)
  • Property is strategically located along US-202 which provides access to key gateways in the Northeast.
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    For further details about Financing, please read the Terms and Conditions of Sale located in the Documents section or contact the Support Team.

    For further details about Financing, please read the Terms and Conditions of Sale located in the Documents section or contact the Support Team.

    Broker of Record for this property: David A. Fox , NY license #35FO0595796

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